• Live PupPod Demo

  • Become a PupPod Influencer

    We're looking to work with influencers who are passionate about PupPod. Passion and hustle are much more important that audience size. We're looki...
  • PupPod Helps Puppy Poppy Love Her Pen

    Dog mom, Lisa, got an X-pen to give her 5-month old Beagle, Poppy, a comfortable, safe place to relax and stay out of trouble. Poppy, however, felt this was a terrible idea and protested with the loudest baby Beagle “AROOOOOs” she could manage. So Lisa set her PupPod up so it would fling rewards into the X-pen. “Sometimes I’ll put the Wobbler outside the pen so that she has to run back into the pen to be rewarded. It was an exciting moment when she started going in on her own.” 
  • New PupPod Features - Q1/2021 Release

    Announcing customer driven feedback updates such as stopping the game automatically when the feeder is empty, adjusting toy sensitivity based on floor type, allowing toy and feeder sounds to be changed while a game session is in progress, being able to watch and manually treat your pup, improvements for starting and stopping games, and new sounds when the toy boots up or setting changes are received by the toy.
  • What to expect when moving from level 1 to level 2

    When dogs first start playing level 2, it's very common to see a lot of trial and error. It looks like dogs are being rewarded for getting lucky, but they are really learning to be more precise over time. This post explains our rational behind this controversial design decision.

  • How PupPod Made an Anxious Dog Dance

    Oliver is a 9-year-old Biewer Yorkshire Terrier. Oliver's need for mental and physical stimulation also means that he easily becomes bored. Oliver had two knee surgeries, which required restricted activity so Oliver used PupPod to burn off anxious energy.
  • Introducing Your Dog to the PupPod Rocker

    This post includes tips and tricks to introduce your dog to the PupPod Rocker. The main tip is to set everything up before introducing your dog to the game. When you first put the toy on the ground, your dog will sniff it and hopefully touch it. If that first interaction delivers a reward, your dog is much more likely to continue exploring the toy. Read the full post for step-by-step advice and instructions. 

  • Calm Your Anxious Canine with PupPod

    Calm Your Anxious Canine with PupPod We’ve all had those days. You’re on a video chat with your boss or enjoying the latest Netflix seri...
  • How long will the original PupPod Wobbler be supported?

    The original PupPod Wobbler was designed in 2015 in an effort to make smarter products for the dogs we love. We had a vision to build software-dr...
  • Working Multiple Dogs with PupPod

    Working Multiple Dogs with PupPod   When it comes to dogs, many people - including pup parents, dog trainers, and canine-related bus...
  • A “Crash” Course in PupPod

    A "Crash" Course in PupPod   How do you keep an 11-month-old, highly intelligent German Shepherd Dog/Labrador/Border Collie mix en...
  • PupPod Rocker with Feeder Product Announcement

    PupPod Launches First Interactive Canine Enrichment Device To Gamify Feeding Time The PupPod Rocker + Feeder challenges dogs to solve interactive ...