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Demo to introduce your dog to PupPod

Playing PupPod

Jim Walker from demonstrates how he taught his dog to play Puppod. Visit the website.

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PupPod Tutorial for Engaging Your Dog

Introducing Your Dog to PupPod

Amy Jensen from Baxter & Bella Online Puppy School provides training tips for introducing your dog to the PupPod Rocker game. If you’d like personalized advice, contact Amy here.

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Encouraging Touch

If your dog is not touching the toy on their own, these steps will drive a natural interaction. Follow these steps and you can stop telling your dog to touch. They'll move the toy on their own to get the "lure".

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Level 1

Your lucky pup will learn that toy = treats. So rewards are earned any time he touches the toy.

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Level 2

Rewards are earned when the toy is touched just after the treat sound plays.

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Level 3

There’s a new sound to explore. The familiar treat sound still pays a reward, but the new “alley cat” sound does not. With practice your pup will learn to adjust their game play.

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Level 4

Rewards are still earned when the toy is touched after the treat sound, but if touched after the “alley cat” sound, the “alley cat” sound will play again. Players have to learn self control to only touch the toy after the treat sound.

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Level 5

The treat sound and “alley cat” sound continue playing, but now the sequence of sounds is random to keep your dog guessing.

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