The PupPod App

Busy pet parent.
Happy dog.

Always be there.

When you're away from home, you can still be there. The PupPod app lets you connect with your best friend from anywhere. Start, stop, and control the game from your smartphone while watching your canine rockstar play, learn, and have fun!

PupPod App

Unlimited Enrichment.

You've got options to keep your pup on their, paws. Switch between levels, change the time between sounds, and disrupt patterns. Ratchet the difficulty up or down depending on the day.

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Sounds with meaning.

The doorbell sound creates a positive association, which can lead to less doorbell barking. The squeaker and techie sounds are fun and playful. The treat bag sound is a natural attention getter. Or select "rotate sounds" and let your dog decide which sound they like best. Now that's a smart toy.

Automated Clicker Training

You can choose to mark correct behavior with a clicker sound. When the click has meaning, dogs learn faster. PupPod has infinite patience to reinforce the reinforcer. This learning can help speed up in-person training.

Room for the whole pack.

Create a profile for each of your fur-babies to track their individual progress. Or let them play together.

Dogs with resource guarding or food aggression behavior should play individually.

Built for the future.

Update the toy and feeder software from the mobile app so you always have the latest games and features.

Share achievements.

Your pup is a smarty-pants. Share their progress with your friends using any of the share options on your phone.

Designed for families.

Create a family account so everyone in the family can play. Install the PupPod app on multiple devices. Everyone can see when a game session is in progress and control the game.