Unlocking Your Puppy's Optimal Health and Behavior with PupPod's Smart Dog Toy

Unlocking Your Puppy's Optimal Health and Behavior with PupPod's Smart Dog Toy


Does your dog understand why you are in video calls all day? We didn't think so. When their wet nose pokes your elbow, give 'em a job. When it's break time, you'll both be ready for a relaxed walk.

More play. Less anxiety.

Separation anxiety is heartbreaking, but PupPod can help. Mental stimulation helps many dogs relax. Try feeding a breakfast before leaving. Or start a game before heading out the door so your pup is engaged.

Better than chewing

Say yes rather than no. Redirect puppy enthusiasm for good and not for evil.After playing PupPod, they'll be ready for a nap.

Same calories consumed.

More calories burned.

Turn meal time into an activity. Dogs can walk a mile during the course of earning their meal. Or create a doggie Stairmaster for a real workout.

Play inside when it's nasty outside

Wear your pup out when you can't go out. The ultimate indoor activity when the weather outside is bad.

Go ahead. Ring the bell.

Does your dog go crazy when the doorbell rings? Even on TV? Select the doorbell treat sound and pretty soon a doorbell is associated with rewards.

Building confidence starts with control.

Alisa had a traumatic beginning. Being hit by a car will do that to even the most outgoing pup. Unexpected noises were scary and led to fear. Earning rewards gave Alisa back her control. Such as simple thing made a world of difference.

Increase concentration. Train longer.

Playing PupPod exercises a dog's prefrontal cortex -- the problem solving part of the brain. When the prefrontal cortex runs out of brain fuel, concentration goes out the window. But the mind is amazing. Over time your dog's brain will store a larger fuel reserve. This leads to longer concentration. Amazing!
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