8 Reasons your dog needs a PupPod

Do you find you’re regularly looking for new and interesting ways to keep your dog entertained? Do you often feel guilty when having to leave your pup home alone, especially post-pandemic? Do you want to keep your dog as active as possible, but don’t always have the time?

If you agree with any of the above, then PupPod might be the solution you’re searching for. Below you can see some reasons why our next-generation electronic pet toy can benefit your pup.

1. Provides mental stimulation

Imagine spending the whole day sitting on the couch with nothing but the passers-by outside to entertain you. Your dog might be able to relate to this.

Dogs, much like us, need mental stimulation to keep their minds active, avoid boredom and have a fulfilling life. “Stimulation and a variety of experiences at an early age are the prerequisites for a well-adapted adult dog,” says Dr Roger Mugford in The Perfect Dog” Raise and train your dog the Mugford way.

PupPod is a great tool to keep dogs mentally stimulated. This is especially useful if you have a high energy dog, or a dog that isn’t that satisfied just being your lap companion!

The interactivity of PupPod keeps dogs on their paws, making an unpredictable, exciting and engaging game for them to spend some time with.

2. An aid for separation anxiety

Some dogs feel the weight of separation from their owners more than others, but dogs are social animals that benefit from being around good company as much as possible.

This isn’t always doable with the modern-day dog – especially in a post-covid, post-lockdown era. The adjustment back to a life without their pet parent is difficult for both dogs who have lived through the pandemic and, potentially even more so, puppies who haven’t known life before it.

Pandemic puppies are a phenomenon, experiencing a wave of behavioral issues that both separation and impulse puppy purchase (without adequate research) have bought on.

For these dogs, who have gotten used to being around their family, PupPod is a great pet toy to use for easing separation sadness.

Turn your PupPod on before you go to distract them as you leave, or leave it on somewhere where they’re bound to find it. This way, they can enjoy the puzzle game while bored and lonely throughout the day. Not only can PupPod alleviate you dog’s separation anxiety, but it can give you peace of mind that they’re okay with remote video-camera-to-mobile-app streaming.

3. Improves cognitive skills

Dogs are incredibly intelligent creatures.

“Dogs are capable of much more complex mental challenges that psychologists refer to as cognition. This is a form of thinking and problem solving similar to the human use of intuition, trail and error and sometimes long-delayed symbolic reinforcements when dealing with complex situations... These are exciting times in the world of animal learning, and your dog’s mental abilities should cause you constant amazement,” says Dr Mugford.

Luckily PupPod is exactly the facilitator for dog’s and owners alike to embark on such amazing possiblities!

Through solving puzzles, your dog can build on its intellect and these problem-solving abilities. PupPod can help to establish better behaviors - such as reducing reactivity to certain noises - and strengthen their intuition and concentration. Building on problem solving capabilities through PupPod will be a transferrable skill that dogs can take away with them, on or off the game.

The number of levels for your dog to achieve means that there’s always room for growth. A variety of sound cues means the game can be switched up, so your dog won’t tire of PupPod any time soon!

4. Supports training

Alongside building on cognitive skills, PupPod can be a great aid in successful dog training. While PupPod doesn’t directly teach obedience, it can be used to help establish foundational skills required for training such as ‘touching on cue’ and practising patience before receiving a reward.

“You may think that training is just for formal classes and that what happens in between doesn’t matter. In reality, every moment and activity give you an opportunity to train your dog, or for him to learn things that you rather he did not. Consistency is key when training a young dog,” Dr Mugford explains.

PupPod can help build on this consistency and fill the gaps between training. Some of our customers use PupPod alongside dog training and it paves the way for better behavior and a more receptive dog!

5. Keeps ‘em moving

Dogs need to keep active, to stay healthy, flexible, and mobile. PupPod can be used to squeeze in your dog's steps on the days you can’t manage it.

The two components of PupPod, the sensor-empowered Rocker and the treat-tossing Feeder, can both be placed away from each other, so having interacted with the Rocker, dogs can run to the Feeder to get their well-earned kibble.

Some users like to use PupPod as a stair master – especially beneficial for those high energy dogs needing to break a sweat! They’ll be ready for a nap once they’ve played with PupPod.

6. Can regulate food intake

Is your dog food-motivated? If you often find yourself tearing your dog away from the treats, PupPod can be useful to regulate their food throughout the day.

The mountable PupPod Feeder launches kibble one treat at a time – a delicious reward for their hard work.

PupPod can even be used to substitute mealtimes, great for those particularly hungry hounds. Some dogs can’t be left alone with a bowl of dog food and have problems with gulping down food too quickly.

The PupPod Feeder, through slowly dispensing food, can help to resolve this problem as your dog’s food consumption is essentially out of their control. This helps to keep them satiated, but without the nasty repercussions of eating too much, too quickly.

7. See what they’re up to

What’s great about PupPod is there’s something in it for pet parents too (besides the fulfilling knowledge of knowing your pup is enjoying themselves!) PupPod has pet parents covered with a compatible mobile app. You can control the game from wherever you are, connecting with your pup and playing ‘together’!

The Feeder has an embedded HD video camera, so you can watch them play. Our doggie camera means you can see them having fun (great for procrastinating at work - we won’t tell if you don’t!) and can give you peace of mind knowing that they’re safe and happy.

8. It’s fun!

All of this aside, PupPod is simply a load of fun for dogs. The trifecta of a balanced life: work, rest and play, PupPod gives your canine the kind of play it deserves. Whether you want to leave them something entertaining while you’re away or need an extra toy in their stash of goodies, PupPod will enrich your pet.

PupPod, however, isn’t the same as other toys. PupPod is a smart dog toy that can keep your pup guessing, moving and entertained - especially when rewarded by some delicious kibble through the treat launching Feeder.

The best dog toy for any breed

Ready to up the ante with your collection of dog toys? Introduce your dog to a new-age pet toy: PupPod!

With an integrated pet camera, a treat launching Feeder and interactive Rocker, PupPod is an advanced game for all dogs to enjoy. Want your dog to try it for themselves? Order yours here.

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