PupPod as a summertime companion

School’s out, the sun’s out, let the fun begin! You might have your summer vacation booked for you and/or the kids, but what’s in store for your pup? 

There are multiple things to be aware of for your dog during summer. From hot weather to what to do with them while you’re away, you want to make sure you both have the rest – and play – that you deserve!  

PupPod is a perfect canine companion, providing multiple benefits for you and your pup over the summer vacation.  

Activity on hot days  

During a heatwave, it can be difficult to even move without feeling lethargic and thirsty! For the days when temperatures are high, PupPod can give your dog their daily physical activity without having to brace the blistering heat. This will also help to keep heatstroke away if you can play indoors with the AC on.  

When dogs are stuck indoors and around the house, they can also miss out on the vital mental stimulation and enrichment that the outdoors brings. PupPod can give dogs mental activity as well as physical, not letting a day indoors affect their mood or wellbeing.   

Simply set up your PupPod in a shaded, cool area of the house and allow your dog to enjoy solving puzzles, being rewarded by delicious treats. Keep a bowl of water nearby for them to drink as needed, just make sure it’s well out of play’s way!  

Watch them while you’re away  

The choice to leave your dog at home while you go on vacation is a tough one, but sometimes the right one.  

Setting a PupPod up where your dog will be spending most their time allows you to watch them through the HD video camera. You can get a daily dose of your pup no matter where you are with PupPod.  

The livestreaming video feature of PupPod also means that you can keep an eye on your dog when being looked after by others – giving you peace of mind that they’re getting the love and attention they deserve!  

International play! 

One of the amazing things about a technology empowered dog toy is that you can play with your dog when you’re in different states, countries, or even continents!  

Through the mobile app, you can activate PupPod for your dog to play when you’re not there. Customize the sound cues or difficulty, and even dispense treats on demand with the PupPod app – so you can feel as though you’re playing together, even when you’re miles apart.  

A portable electronic dog toy  

If you’ve decided to take your dog on your vacation, it’s important they get the same amount of attention and care as when you’re at home. Part of this means giving them the right dose of daily mental stimulation and physical activity.  

PupPod is a useful dog toy to take on vacation because it can keep your dog occupied for the times you may have to leave them in your accommodation – and you can still keep an eye on them through the camera.  

This solution works best if you have self-contained accommodation or are staying with family or friends. This can give your dog more freedom, ensures they are safe, and won’t cause disruption to other guests!  

If you and the family want to enjoy a dinner around the table (without a little nose nudging your legs!) PupPod can occupy your pup while you enjoy some family time together.  

Ease anxiety  

Bringing your pup on vacation can sometimes be stressful for them. New environments can make any of us nervous, your dog is no exception!  

If you know new surroundings can make your dog particularly anxious – or even if you’re worried it might – PupPod can help to keep them occupied and entertained. PupPod is a puzzle game that has multiple levels for your dog to achieve.  

The sound cue – given off by the Rocker – can be customised and will help your dog associate an action with a reward – a treat launched by the Feeder. The better they respond and interact with the game, the higher they will climb up the PupPod leader board (for you to see on the app). As this puzzle game tires them out, they can also sleep better at night.  

Watch a PupPod demo for yourself!  

If your dog is staying home while you’re away, PupPod can also be there to keep them calm and help them exert some energy. While distracted by all the PupPod problem solving, your pup will have less time to think about how much they miss you!  

A vacation solution for you and your pup  

PupPod can come with you and your dog while away on vacation – or be there as company and a watchful eye while you are apart.  

For when you have taken your dog with you to a new place, just make sure there’s somewhere to plug in your PupPod and Wi-Fi for connection! 

If your dog loves their PupPod, it’ll be great for some familiarity for them in new situations. Don’t have a PupPod yet and going on vacation soon? Why not try one out for yourself?  

You can buy a PupPod here. 

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