PupPod Rocker

The smartest dog toy ever.

Puppod Rocker Smart Dog Toy

Enrichment meets technology.

It's like a computer for your dog. We use software and sensors to push your dog's mental capacity. As they solve puzzles, you feel pride.

Designed for deaf and noise sensitive dogs.

Have a noise-sensitive or deaf dog? No worries! They can get in on the fun by playing PupPod using the lights-only mode. This mode is also a great way to add another level of challenge for all PupPod players. And it comes in handy when you don't want the beeps and squeaks in the background of a video call.
Lights Only Option
Smart accuracy detects the right touch.

Less false positives.

When the toy is moving, how does the software know if the toy is settling down from a previous touch or was just touched again? Turns out this is a hard problem. But we solved it.

Always on. By design.

If you can't find the power switch, don't worry. There isn't one. Our smart toy is actually smart. We've worked hard to make it simple for you.

Battery life measured in months.

Designed to get four months or more of battery life because no one likes dead batteries. The choice is yours; rechargeable or single use. Good luck remembering when you last changed or charged them.
Long Battery Life
Puppod Rocker build to last

More than a mouthful. Built to last.

Size, shape, weight, and materials all designed to minimize chewing and tooth holds.