PupPod Trainer Network

We want to send new clients to professional dog trainers. 

The idea is simple. We've built a powerful tool for shaping behavior and addressing many scenarios. You're an expert in how to use various tools to solve dog specific issues. Let's work together to help pet parents and their fur-babies.

How do you get started?

  1. Get your hands on a PupPod Rocker. You can buy a discounted, "open box" unit if you don't already have the gear.
  2. Create videos with guidance for various scenarios. If you're not sure what to talk about, see the list below for some ideas. If editing videos isn't your thing, we're happy to help with editing. Email info@puppod.com and we'll provide the details.
  3. We'll put your video in the PupPod app and on our website so PupPod customers can contact you directly. (see mockup below)

Training Video Ideas: This list is just to provide suggestions. 

  • Reducing separation anxiety
  • Weight reduction
  • Slow down food consumption
  • Activities for blind or deaf dogs
  • Tire out a puppy or high energy dog
  • Reduce doorbell barking
  • Indoor exercise ideas when the weather is bad

Affiliate Program: In addition to connecting with new training customers, you'll also make $20 every time your audience or customers purchase a PupPod using your affiliate link.

Influence the Product: Got a great idea to make PupPod better?We'd love to hear your thoughts. You'll have direct access to the PupPod leadership team so the next great feature might be influenced by your feedback. If you are comfortable with new technology, there may also be opportunities to beta test new features.

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