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The PupPod Rocker is an innovative enrichment, training and learning system built on the foundation of operant conditioning and positive reinforcement. The product is a tool that dog trainers can use with their clients to address many behavioral issues.

PupPod acknowledges that trainers need hands-on experience with the product so they can make informed recommendations to their clients. To support this effort, PupPod is offering dog trainers an opportunity to try the product on a loaner basis for a 2-months trial period. Trial period begins once the loaner unit is shipped out. If Trainer needs more time, they are welcome to request one 1-month extension by sending an email to support@puppod.com.


How does this help my training business?

PupPod is looking to engage and promote trainers who are familiar with the product. Many PupPod customers have dog specific questions that are best answered by an experienced dog trainer so we'd love to send new clients your way. PupPod wants to connect our customers with trainers who are experts in separation anxiety, bark reduction, reactivity, building confidence, providing mental stimulation for senior dogs, etc. 

We offer several ways to engage with PupPod customers and generate new client leads such as embedding your videos right in our app, promoting your business in our blog, and including you in our directory of approved dog trainers. 

PupPod is a training and learning tool that can be used to address many different scenarios, so if your clients are using PupPod, their use of the tool opens a door to provide more training. 

Do I get to keep the device? 

If you like the PupPod and drive 5 sales during the trial period, the hardware is yours to keep AND we'll pay you a commission of $20/sale for any sales after the first 5. The trial period is 2 month but can be extended upon request.

If you want to keep the hardware but don't want to drive 5 sales, you are welcome to buy your unit for $199. If you don't want to buy it, we'll send you a pre-paid return shipping label. 


Are there some examples?

Amy Jensen, owner of Baxter & Bella Online Puppy School created this video that we've included in the PupPod app and puppod.com website.


Jim and Birgit Walker, owners of Modern Canine Services created this video review of PupPod and a second video that we're putting in the app.

Pet professional interviews on the PupPod blog, like this interview with Dr. Wailani Sung who is one of a handful of board certified veterinary behaviorists. 


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