The PupPod Smart Dog Game

Finally, a game as smart as your dog.

Doggie progress report

A doggie report card.

Take pride as your pup learns. The success rate metric measures real-time progress.

Your lucky pup will learn that toy = treats. So rewards are earned any time he touches the toy.

Rewards are earned when the toy is touched just after the treat sound plays.

There’s a new sound to explore. The familiar treat sound still pays a reward, but the new “alley cat” sound does not. With practice your pup will learn to adjust their game play.

Rewards are still earned when the toy is touched after the treat sound, but if touched after the “alley cat” sound, the “alley cat” sound will play again. Players have to learn self control to only touch the toy after the treat sound.

The treat sound and “alley cat” sound continue playing, but now the sequence of sounds is random to keep your dog guessing.

Celebrate achievements.

Your pup is crushing it. And they have the achievements to prove it. Hang them on the refrigerator or better yet, share on social media.

Achievement badges are fun.

Build concentration.

Add difficulty by increasing the time between sounds. More time equal longer concentration.

Setting for time between sounds
Interval frequency settings

Break the pattern.

Dogs are really good at counting and time patterns. Randomizing the time between sounds adds another degree of difficulty. You can set the minimum and maximum time. Then let the PupPod app do the work.

Lights. Rewards. Action.

Designed specifically for deaf and noise sensitive dogs but available for all players. It’s the same game, just with lights rather than sounds. The blue light pays rewards and the green light doesn’t.

blue light rewards
Time to take a break. Game over sound.

The most important sound in the game.

The "game over" sound teaches your dog when it's time to take a break. Your pup will learn when it’s time to paws (er, pause) so they avoid frustration. And they’ll earn a badge to show how smart they are!

Try before you buy.

Play PupPod online to experience how the game works. (Hint: click dog and touch toy to play.)

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