Zuke Tests PupPod!

Meet Zuke, a five year old Golden Retriever who happens to have the same name as our treat sponsor, Zuke’s. For those not already familiar with the Kong Wobbler (the red toy in the video), it is designed to hold treats that slowly fall out through a small hole as the dog pushes the Kong Wobbler around. This test was interesting because Zuke has his own Kong Wobbler at home and was used to getting treats directly from the toy. In the test, Zuke had to relearn that playing with the Kong made treats come out of the PetTutor treat dispenser.


Zuke immediately went for the Kong because of his past experience. In some of Zuke's early attempts, he played with the Kong for five or ten seconds before discovering the treats were coming from the PetTutor. In the video, you can see that he's almost instantly going to the treat dispenser after touching the Kong. He accomplished level 2 on PupPod within about 10 minutes of playing.


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