Working Multiple Dogs with PupPod

Working Multiple Dogs with PupPod


When it comes to dogs, many people - including pup parents, dog trainers, and canine-related business owners -- can’t imagine life with just one. Multi-pooch households are not only fun and rewarding for humans, they can be great for dogs, too. Well-mannered and socialized dogs with the ability to engage in a learning program can help build a happy, balanced pack. But keeping one pup -- much less two or more -- on task and engaged can be challenging. 

That’s why Charlene, owner of Dogs by Charlene, uses PupPod to provide structured individual and multi-dog training during daycare and training sessions at her business. Designed to capture and keep their attention, the game gives dogs -- including her own good boy Hanes -- a chance to work their brains in a fun and rewarding way. 



“We’re looking to help create mathletes, not just athletes.” Charlene told us. “It’s important to push the brain side because the end result in all of this training is that people want to have better control of their dogs. When we exercise the brain, it’s great bonding time and it forces the dog to think outside the box. So now you have a smarter dog, not one that is just faster or stronger.”

The best part? Once these aspiring “mathletes” understand how the game works, they’re able to enjoy challenging gameplay and earn treats on their own. For pet parents, their dog’s ability to “self-pilot” frees up extra time and attention that can be devoted to the rest of their pack. 

 Another benefit is that PupPod isn’t one-size-fits-all. As a smart toy, it can be customized to a dog’s individual needs.

“Each dog has its own unique behavioral challenges,” says Charlene. “Some are noise-sensitive or not very social so they need to play alone, and PupPod has settings to help like a lights-only mode. Others need to work on their impulse control around other dogs, so PupPod keeps one dog engaged, while the other works on relaxing until it’s their turn. In the end I’m better able to multitask and work multiple dogs at once.”



Tracking stats and achievements is easy due to the ability to add multiple dog profiles in the PupPod Mobile App. This lets trainers, daycare workers, and dog parents fine-tune the difficulty of the game, depending on each dog’s needs. 

The app also makes it simple for dog professionals like Charlene to share gameplay statistics with clients so that they can see their dog’s progress for themselves. 

“It helps me show clients progress towards an end result. They’re able to see more practical results to reinforce what we’ve discussed and worked on,” notes Charlene. “It’s not just teaching a behavior; it’s teaching them how to learn and solve problems.”

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