Will my dog gain weight?

Dog obesity is a real issue that pet parents need to consider. Luckily, PupPod can help solve this problem and we'd like to share a few tips.

Turn Meal Time into an Activity

If your dog loves kibble, pet parents can use PupPod to dispense a standard meal. This approach increases activity and helps reduce obesity. PupPod has the added benefit of slowing down food consumption because dogs only get a few pieces of kibble at a time.

Doggie Slot Machine

If your dog needs a higher jackpot treat, you can always drop a handful of treats in first and then put kibble on top or mix the treats and kibble more evenly. We call this the Lucky Charms approach.

Parental Controls

PupPod includes parental controls so pet parents can limit the number of dispense cycles per day and low calorie treats can be used to find the right balance between calories and fun.

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