What is PupPod?

Your search for an interactive dog toy led you here, but what is PupPod?

PupPod is an Internet connected, gaming console for dogs. It allows pet parents to connect with their dogs when away from home, but most importantly, it challenges dogs to think and solve problems.

This smart toy provides dogs with fun challenges that are entertaining and build new skills. The game evolves over time so there is always a new challenge to figure out, but dogs move through levels at their natural pace.

Dogs hear audio commands and have to figure out what actions to take with their PupPod. The toy has various sensors and wireless technology. When a dog takes the correct action, they are automatically rewarded from a connected treat dispenser*. Pet parents can watch their dogs play remotely and even participate in the games.

What are the current levels in PupPod?

Level 1:  Either trigger the motion sensor by getting close to the PupPod or touching the toy

Level 2:  Touch the PupPod only. The motion sensor is turned off.

Level 3:  Touch the PupPod within 3 seconds after the “treat” sound plays.

Level 4:  Alternate between the “treat” sound in level 3 and a “no treat” sound introduced in Level 4. Touching after the “no treat” sounds will result in no reward being given to the dog.

Level 5:  Alternate between the “treat” and “no treat” sounds from Level 4. Touching within 3 seconds after the “treat” sound still pays a treat, but touching after the “no treat” sound introduces a delay until the “treat” sounds is played.

The videos originally in this post have been archived. 

*The demonstration videos in this article are from when PupPod was still in its' prototype phase.  The toy is now even better and pairs with the PetTutor treat dispenser!

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