Want to see how different breeds play with PupPod? See our doggy data!

Do you ever wonder whether your dog’s behavior is ‘normal’?  

While you can’t generalize dog personalities, there are particular traits that different breeds tend to display. For example, whippets are usually quite reserved, whereas a cockerpoo probably won’t leave you alone. French bulldogs can be pleased with city life, whereas a collie thrives out in the country. Chihuahuas are small, strong and stubborn, boxers are big, boisterous and playful – the list goes on!  

PupPod is an interactive, doggy brain game, that can be enjoyed by all dogs, no matter breed, size, age or unique personality quirks!  

In this blog, we’re taking a look at how different dog breeds interact with PupPod, including some of our user data and achievement scores to do this.  


How do PupPod achievement features work? 

Dogs earn achievement badges as they progress through the game, so the number of achievements is correlated to learning. Some achievements are easy, like learning that touching the Rocker triggers the rewards.  

Some achievements are a little harder, like learning to touch the toy just after a sound plays to earn a reward. And some achievements are linked to game levels or mastery of various features, like playing the game with lights rather than sounds or having a success streak. 

Below you can see some of our data formulated into a table that shows the achievement counts of different breeds that use PupPod. We’ve also got some videos for you to enjoy, showing just how varied our fluffy clientele are!  

Different breeds have different strengths  

A dog’s genetic history can affect the way it works – and plays best in the world. Some dogs will do better at competition sports than others, for example, just due to how they’re made. Other factors, such as how it is brought up, may have an impact too.  

We see all kinds of dog use PupPod and while some, if not all, will have varying experiences and progress differently, most dogs get along well with the game.  

See some observations from the data we’ve gathered on how different breeds play with PupPod below 

PupPod’s players in action 

Below are some short snippets from our archives showing dogs of all different breeds, sizes and ages having fun and learning with PupPod. We’d love to see any videos you have of your dog interacting with PupPod! You can email these to info@puppod.com, or DM us on social media.  



The takeaway  

There’s a lot that can be learned with PupPod, with most all dogs – no matter their age, energy levels, size or breed – benefitting from the stimulation, enjoyment and a connection to their owner that the device brings them.  

Not every dog breed is evenly represented on the planet and the same can be said for our data. Having the data is important to us, though, and can provide us with some insights to chew on (pardon the pun!) and help us recognize the cognition journey that dogs are going through.  

If you’re curious to see how your unique pup would play with PupPod, buy your very own today! 


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