The Key is Timing

One of the major reasons why PupPod works is timing. Dr. Sophia Yin's research on the Treat & Train dispenser highlights this conclusion.
"The key is the timing—now owners can time the reward right as their dog performs the correct behavior without having to fumble for the food or run up to the dog to deliver the treat. As a result, the dog finally understands exactly what he is doing right as he does it."
Dr. Sophia Yin's Treat & Train was an improvement over human delivery of treats, but there is still a delay which PupPod addresses. With a human controlled treat dispenser, the human has to observe a dog's behavior, think about the behavior, make a subjective decision to provide a treat, press a remote control's button, and then a wireless signal is sent to a dispenser. This all takes time, and seconds matter. PupPod takes timing to the next level. The technology and sensors in PupPod detect a dog's desired behavior and wirelessly dispense a treat in milliseconds. This is just one example of how PupPod is using technology to help dog's learn and exercise their minds.

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