Smart Food Puzzles For A Smart Terrier

Connor is an adorable rescue terrier with a lot of energy! After doing some research into ways to help keep Connor calm, his human, Lizette, came across the PupPod and PetTutor Bundle. Immediately, she knew she had found a winning combination that Connor would love!

Connor already enjoyed eating his meals through a variety of food puzzles, which not only helped slow down meal time, but also exercised his brain. So it just made sense to Lizette that she could use PupPod in the same way. Unlike other puzzle toys, though, the PupPod toy keeps Connor’s mind and body exercised. 

Not only does he burn energy running back and forth from the toy to the treat dispenser in the hallway, his mind is working hard to figure out the game. Plus, as Connor gets smarter, the game gets harder, offering more and more exciting challenges. As an added bonus, Lizette can get ready for work in the mornings while her little buddy is eating breakfast and having fun!

Starting off at Level 1 just a few short months ago, Connor has already moved up to Level 3, where he is learning to wait for the PupPod to make a sound before he can touch it. With a variety of sound effects to choose from, Connor was able to pick his favorite as a cue. And that sound? The squeaky toy!

For pet owners looking to transform mealtime into a learning opportunity, the PupPod toy slows down those fast eaters, provides mental stimulation, teaches impulse control, and is a fun way to keep them calm.

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