Redirecting Puppy Energy with PupPod

Raising a puppy is one of the most exciting, fun and rewarding things you'll ever do. But let's face it – it's a lot of work, too. From house training to manners training to redirecting their boundless energy away from shoes and chair legs, puppyhood can leave you pooped!

Plus, like human children, puppies are learning all the time, whether you're actively teaching them or not. Because their brains are soaking up everything around them, the skills and habits they learn now – both good and bad – are likely to stay with them for a lifetime. Finding fun, positive ways to focus energy and teach important life skills is key to helping puppies grow into happy, healthy, well-adjusted adult dogs.

These were the things on the minds of Beano's parents when they first adopted the adorable little Cockapoo. Understanding that all dogs – especially puppies – need both physical and mental stimulation, they were looking for a creative way to engage and entertain their new bundle of joy.


With PupPod, they found the perfect solution. They started with the PupPod Wobbler toy only, but soon added the Pet Tutor automatic treat dispenser. It wasn't long before Beano became a PupPod pro. "I was astounded just how quickly he picked it up," Ben says. "He was soon getting excited every time we got the PupPod out of the cupboard for a bit of pet tech fun."


As someone who is extremely interested in technology, Ben appreciates that, unlike traditional puzzle toys, PupPod can grow along with Beano by offering new challenges as he learns. "I'm confident that PupPod is going to be an great way of entertaining and stimulating Beano for many years," he says.

Because Beano was introduced to PupPod shortly after he was adopted, Ben's parents haven't seen many of the common issues new puppy parents often encounter. And he has noticed a real improvement in Beano's attention span and ability to concentrate – key skills that make training easier and more fun.

With PupPod, Ben knows he's giving Beano the very best start in life, and he encourages other new puppy parents to give the toy a try. "If you like tech and you want a great toy that will help your dog learn and that they won't get bored with, this is the product for you," he says.

Beano Updates:

Learning Level 3

At level 3, Beano is learning to touch the PupPod Wobbler within 2-seconds of the treat sound playing. He's still experimenting and learning through trial and error, but having great fun and starting to figure out how to touch-on-cue.


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