PupPod Wins Kirkland Investor Shark Event

Four business owners gathered to pitch their start-up ideas to angel investors on Nov. 1 during the second annual Kirkland Investor Sharks event.

The event lets local startup owners sling their ideas toward four local angel investors, including Greg Grotesman, Gregg Bennett, Todd Dean and T.A. McCann. The event is loosely modeled after the ABC show “Shark Tank,” in which participants pitch their ideas to investors, who decide whether they want to provide financial capital to the businesses. 

Kirkland Investor Sharks - Greg Grotesman, Gregg Bennett, Todd Dean, T.A. McCann

The first pitch was made by Erick Eidus, owner of PupPod, a software-infused kong dog toy that dispenses kibbles as part of a game. The kong will make a specific noise, signalling to the dog it can hit it to receive a treat. Only one tone works, and it will make others as part of a game that gets progressively more complex as the dog learns. 

So far, Eidus had raised $245,000 and was looking to secure $400,000 in funding and up to $5 million over the next 24 months. He said his product could disrupt the pet toy industry by incorporating software and technology.

PupPod won the crowd favorite award and received $500 from the Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce during the second annual Kirkland Investor Sharks event on Nov. 1.

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Photos credit: Aaron Kunkler 

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