PupPod Wins TechCrunch Audience Choice Award

Erick Eidus & Kandarp Jani presented PupPod at the TechCrunch Seattle Pitch Off event and the audience choose PupPod as their favorite business idea. PupPod’s Erick Eidus:
“We are building an Internet-connected learning system for dogs. The system has a toy that is packed with sensors and wireless technologies and when the dogs play with the toy and they take the right action, it sends messages to a wirelessly connected treat dispenser and treats come out. The toy is really a multi-level game, so as the dog starts to figure out the level, it changes and they have to keep thinking if they want to keep getting treats. In addition to these two items, there is also a hub that has a video camera and wi-fi connected to the Internet so that pet parents can get notifications on their smartphone and see whether their dog is playing the game, watch videos and even take actions that influence the game and feel more connected to their dog when they are at work all day and their dog is home alone. So, if you like what we are doing, PupPod will be available this fall on Kickstarter. And you can go to our website and sign up for our email and stay connected.”

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