PupPod Helps Puppy Poppy Love Her Pen

Like most Beagles, 5-month-old Poppy is all about the food. A real chowhound, you might say. She is also extremely vocal, ridiculously cute and very smart, with lots of puppy energy to burn. Her mom, Lisa, quickly learned that if she didn’t keep Poppy’s brain and body occupied, Poppy would come up with her own things to do.

So, like many dog parents, Lisa introduced the puppy to an X-pen to give her a comfortable, safe place to relax and stay out of trouble. This was especially important since Lisa works from home and can’t very well spend every minute of the day keeping Poppy from climbing onto the TV stand. (Yes, that actually happened. More than once. Actually, it still does.)

Poppy, however, felt this was a terrible idea and protested with the loudest baby Beagle “AROOOOOs” she could manage, all while flinging herself at the X-pen in an attempt to escape. Not exactly the kind of thing you want going on in the background of a Zoom call.

While desperately looking for a solution, Lisa happened to see a social media ad for PupPod and was immediately interested. At a great price with a generous return policy, she decided to give it a try.

From the moment the box arrived, Lisa was impressed.  

“It’s a fantastic design. I was so struck by how well it was packaged and how great it was to unbox and open - similar to an Apple product,” she says. “Then, to be able to download the app and figure out how it works - it’s just so straightforward and easy to use.”

Lisa wasn’t the only one excited about the PupPod. Eleven-week-old Poppy took to it right away, too. “I just showed her a couple of times by hitting the Wobbler and she started experimenting right away with trial and error,” remembers Lisa. “We now use it every day. Poppy loves it.”

Thanks to the PupPod, Poppy has learned that her pen is a great place to be.

“I have it up on a cabinet in my office and it launches them into her pen (while she’s playing the game). It’s so much fun for her,” says Lisa. “Sometimes I’ll put the Rocker outside the pen so that she has to run back into the pen to be rewarded. It was an exciting moment when she started going into it on her own.” 

Lisa also appreciates the fact that the app allows for remote game play, so Poppy can earn rewards and have fun while Lisa is in another room or even out of the house. Plus, Poppy spends around 30 minutes each day having her lunch from the PupPod. Afterwards, the pooped pup happily takes a nice, long nap. It certainly makes for calmer, quieter Zoom calls these days.

Watch Poppy Play PupPod

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