PupPod Has Different Levels!

For those of you who have seen our videos on either Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, you might have noticed something a little different going in each video.  What you are seeing is the different PupPod levels!

PupPod is designed to unleash the intellectual potential of your dog.  Because each dog is different, PupPod will detect each dog's performance and go at his/her own pace.  That is why there are different PupPod levels.  As the dog begins to understand each level, difficulty can be increased by going to the next level.

PupPod will not change to the next level until your dog has dominated the previous one. It uses 100% positive reinforcement and teaches your dog how to solve problems. The different PupPod levels progress from: teaching your dog to make a connection with PupPod, to making contact with the toy, to differentiating sounds, to waiting patiently before performing an action.

Although we are still working on PupPod, right now PupPod has 5 different levels!*

Stay tuned for our next video where you'll be able to see Aslam testing PupPod Level 1!

Thank you for all of your support! Keep it up :)




*At the time this article was written, there were 5 different PupPod levels.  We are excited to announce, there are now SIX PupPod levels!


The Different PupPod Levels

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