PupPod Exercises Your Dog's Brain

A recent discussion with animal behavior expert & trainer, Ken McCort highlighted a few fascinating benefits of PupPod.

Your Dog's Brain Needs Exercise

The frontal cortex of your dog’s brain consumes glucose and other chemistry as fuel. This fuel is brought into the brain on an as needed basis and is regulated by prior consumption as well as a few other things. When the fuel runs out, so does the dog's attention and ability to learn… and they go to sleep to recharge their brain fuel (often referred to as a power nap with humans).

The Importance of Mental Stimulation

If your dog is sleeping most of the day, their brain isn't getting the stimulation to keep the frontal cortex part of their brain strong. However, if your dog is engaging their frontal cortex more often throughout the day to process information, their brain gets stronger. It starts storing more glucose and other chemistry, and their attention span increases. The brain is like a muscle that needs exercise to be strong.

Research Behind Brain Games

Ken's research with wolves at Wolf Park confirmed this conclusion. PupPod can engage your dog’s brain throughout the day while you are at work. This will make your dog’s brain stronger by developing more attention span and focus for in-person training or play time. When your dog sleeps all day, their batteries are "fully charged" when you get home from a long day at work. Playing PupPod during the day gives your dog a chance to work their brain too and be more relaxed in the evening.

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