PupPod & Pet Tutor Bundle: Ready, Set, PLAY!

Congratulations on giving your dog the ultimate in doggie enrichment by combining the PupPod Wobbler smart toy and the Pet Tutor treat dispenser!

Ready to get the fun started? We’ve put together some easy step-by-step instructions that will take you from batteries to Bluetooth in two shakes of a dog’s tail!

But hold on! Before you start, make sure your dog is out of the room. (We’ll wait.) Wouldn’t want to confuse him while you’re getting everything set up exactly right. He’ll learn much faster if his first interaction with the PupPod and Pet Tutor is perfect.

Okay, is your dog gone? Great! Let’s get started.

Step One: Prepping the PupPod and Pet Tutor

  • PupPod: Have you ever found a cool toy that runs without batteries? Nope! And the PupPod is no different. To install, just unscrew the toy base, insert four AA batteries (not included), and screw the toy base back on. Easy!
  • Pet Tutor: Powering up the Pet Tutor is as simple as plugging in the included AC power adapter. Even though other adapters will fit, please only use this one since it’s been approved for the feeder. Other adapters may fry your device and trust us, you do not want that. When the Pet Tutor is running on AC power, it will stay on until you turn it off.

Next, screw the feeder onto the floor base and fill it with yummy treats or kibble.

Tip: Want to use the Pet Tutor in a place without a convenient power source, like a park or your yard? You can also insert two D-sized batteries (not included) in the battery compartment in the bottom of the dispenser. When running on batteries, the dispenser will automatically power off after 15 minutes of inactivity to preserve the life of the batteries.

All done? Let’s start it up!

Step Two: Powering Up

Turn PupPod Wobbler ON

  • PupPod: First, grab a pen or something similar. Just above the KONG logo, you’ll see a switch. Using the tip of the pen, push the switch to the right. When the toy lights up, all systems are GO.
  • Pet Tutor: Locate the power button on the feeder and push it for about 1.5 seconds to turn the feeder on. That’s it. Nothing more to say here so let’s move on.

Step Three: Connecting the PupPod and Pet Tutor

As with any relationship, open communication between the PupPod and Pet Tutor will ensure a long, happy life together. But it’s up to you to get the two talking to each other. Here’s how…

  • Download the PupPod mobile app from the iOS app store or Google app store onto your phone.
  • Create an account for you and a profile for your dog.
  • The app will prompt you to pair the PupPod Wobbler toy and Pet Tutor dispenser, which will happen via a magical combination of the Internet, Bluetooth and maybe a little fairy dust. It’s hard to say exactly.

    Tip: If the Pet Tutor won't pair, make sure the Pet Tutor mobile app is not running in the background and holding on to an active Bluetooth connection. This article will explain how to shut down background apps in iOS

    Also, after pairing the toy, you might see a dialog asking you to update the toy firmware. This also happens over Bluetooth, which we think is pretty cool. But we’re geeky that way.

    Update toy firmware using the PupPod mobile app

    Step Four: Beginning the Game

    Once you’ve paired the toy and the dispenser, things get really exciting!

    1. In the app, select “Play Now.”
    • This will take you to a screen where you can make some choices before the game starts, like which food reward you’re using (so the app can calculate calories consumed) and which treat sound you want to use. You can also choose “Lights Only” for hearing impaired dogs. (All selections can be changed if they don’t suit your dog’s tastes or preference.)

    PupPod Mobile App Play Now Flow

    Tip: We’ve found that many dogs love and respond well to the “squeaker” sound. However, if your dog goes nutso-crazy when the doorbell rings, using the “doorbell” sound will help bring peace back to your house by desensitizing them to the sound in a positive way.

    • On this screen, you’ll also want to make sure that “Use Dispenser” is ON so that your dog can earn those yummy rewards!

    Tip: What if you’re traveling and you don’t have room for the Pet Tutor but you still want to keep your dog entertained (and show off how brilliant he is to family and friends)? You can do that! Just switch “Use Dispenser” to the OFF position. When your dog takes the correct action, your phone will play the treat sound (so make sure your phone’s volume is turned up!). Once you hear that sound, all you have to do is toss him a reward! Lots of fun for both of you!

    1. Select “Start” when you’re ready to play.

    We’re here! We’re finally ready to play the actual game -- so tap the "Start" button! (Once the game is going, you can adjust difficulty using the +/- buttons next to “Level” and “Time Interval”.)

    PupPod mobile app screens for adjusting the level and time interval

    Next Lesson: Adjusting Difficulty

    PupPod give you options to make the game harder as your dog gets smarter. Check out this article for pointers and suggestions. 

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