Interview with Susan Oshie, CPDT-KA & owner of Paws4Training

Susan Oshie, CPDT-KA

Owner of Paws4Training

[PupPod] Tell us about your experience dog training.

[Susan Oshie] I've been training for about 15 years and I was a vet tech before that, so my whole professional life has been with dogs and cats and animals. I'm very lucky to be able to do this with dogs and puppies. I enjoy it a lot. 

[PupPod] What kind of training do you do?

[Susan Oshie] I do puppy kindergarden classes, basic training, behavior consults, we have a growly dog class. I do training with people at home who work at home, so definitely have some opportunities for the dogs to have something to do there. 

[PupPod] What surprised you about PupPod?

[Susan Oshie] I like the way the puppy has to walk over to the toy itself. And they seem to response pretty well and pretty quickly to the noise of the dispenser knowing the food is coming. So I think it's a great interactive toy and the fact that its got numerous levels gives us the opportunity to make it a little bit harder if the dogs get bored. 

[PupPod] What do you think it could do for your clients or how could your clients benefit?

[Susan Oshie] Oh, I think any client can benefit from this obviously. People need to keep their puppies mentally and physically stimulated...and adults dogs. And this is a really good vehicle for that.

[PupPod] What do you usually tell your clients about the importance of mental stimulation for their dogs?

[Susan Oshie]  Well it has to supplement physical because mental stimulation tires your dog out equally sometimes as some kind of play or interaction. It builds brain function and is really important for the holistic picture of a dog. 

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