Interview with Joey Iversen, Owner of Think Spot Dogs

Joey Iversen, Certified Professional Dog Trainer


Owner, Think Spot Dogs

[PupPod] Tell us about your experience training dogs?

[Joey Iversen] I've been full-time training for a little over 18 years. I've done a variety of things from working with dogs with special needs, all levels of training, all sports, running daycares, running large and small facilities and most recently moving to the Pacific NW and restarting my business here. 

[PupPod] What is it about PupPod that you find interesting?

[Joey Iversen] I've always been a proponent of mental stimulation. It's so important to many animals, not just exclusively and horses and rabbits and all those. So I'm always interested in the type of mental stimulation and using technology to benefit our dogs and all animals. It makes a big difference on their social activity as well as their behavioral and emotional. Being sure they get the right mental stimulation outlets. 

[PupPod] How do you think PupPod could help your clients?

[Joey Iversen] There are a lot of ways someone could use this particular toy to add that mental stimulation to their world. In Seattle and in many cities, we have a lot of dogs that are living in apartment, condo type complexes and they don't have as much opportunity to just run in the woods or have that off leash experience. And this is something that can meet that need easily and help our dogs really develop emotionally and mentally.

[PupPod] With your clients, how frequently do you recommend mental stimulation and brain work?

[Joey Iversen] 100% of the time. It's just so important to the health of our dogs. And that's something they love to do. They love being challenged by mental stimulation. Behaviorally and emotionally, it's imperative for their health.


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