How to tire out a high energy dog when the weather is bad

Few of us are a fan of getting up in the morning to see a dark and stormy day sitting outside our window. While being stuck indoors due to bad weather can leave us bored and agitated, it’s nothing compared to how a high energy dog might feel.  

Luckily, humans have phones, television, video games and books - amongst other things - to turn to to keep us occupied. But dogs have to turn to their owner for stimulation and, on these wet and windy days, it’s useful to have a solution for them!  

Let’s take a look at some of the high energy dog breeds, followed by remedies to occupy an energetic dog when it’s raining outside.   

10 High energy dog breeds  

  • Australian shepherd 
  • Border collie  
  • Siberian husky  
  • Dalmatian  
  • Jack Russell terrier  
  • Golden retriever  
  • Belgian Shepherd 
  • German shepherd 
  • Boxer 
  • Poodle  

Above are just some of the breeds that have a high amount of energy. If you have one of these dogs, it’s important you keep them well exercised and entertained. Having an outlet for excessive energy will ensure they stay happy - and are less likely to be naughty in a bid to shed off some of that extra energy on their own terms!   

Using PupPod to entertain high energy dogs inside  

If you need to exercise your dog in bad weather, PupPod is a brilliant source of entertainment to tire out high energy dogs.  

Not only do the brain training puzzles wear them out mentally, but running from the Rocker (the touch-sensitive interactive part of the toy) to the Feeder (the treat launcher) helps them to exert their physical energy.  


Top tips for exercising your dog indoors with PupPod:  

  • Place the Feeder a good several feet away from the Rocker, so your pooch can bark up a sweat moving for its treats. 
  • You can alter the settings to chill out your dog (like the slow feeding tactic) or ramp up the pace. Experiment with different levels to increase difficulty and get them working!  
  • Try using PupPod as a stair master - place the Rocker at one end of the stairs and the Feeder at the other. It’ll be noisy, but there’s no doubt your furry friend will rest well afterwards. 
  • Toggle the training session length, making it that bit longer than you would on a regular day. 

When they interact and engage with our electronic pet toy, your dog will get a healthy dose of mental stimulation, keeping them focused and occupied. After an hour or so with the PupPod, they’ll definitely be ready to settle down.  


Other ways to calm a high energy dog 

If you’re wondering what to do with a high energy dog on a cold, wet, and windy day, but don’t have a PupPod (yet!) there are other ideas - to help stop you both from going crazy! 

🐾 DIY agility courseNot all dogs enjoy agility courses, but if you know yours does, you could consider setting up some obstacles like chairs, stools, bean bags, coffee tables and so on, assembling your very own agility course. Fluffy toys or a ball on a rope can be good ways to lure your dog through it. We’re not saying it won’t get messy, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a go – you may discover their hidden talent! 

🐾 Set them a food challenge - We all like to indulge in a bit of boredom eating, dogs and humans alike! Manage their snacks by making it into a game, where you can spread them out evenly to prevent over-eating. A snuffle mat keeps energetic dog breeds engaged as they hunt for the treat.  

Side note - PupPod does this effectively! Giving them food rewards, distributed in a way that works for their appetite.  

🐾 Pup play date - If you’re both having to retreat inside for the day, why not have another pet parent bring their dog over to play? Together the dogs can have some wholesome fun socialising and playing. Socialisation is good for doggy mental health, whilst the art of socialising can help to tire out even the most energetic of dogs. When they’re playing together, you can get on with doing your own thing. 

🐾 Hide-and-seek - This is game can be played between you, your dog and an item of your choice. Ideally choose something that your dog is interested in, otherwise the game might not work! Take a shoe, toy or even a little snack and hide it somewhere in the house, then help your dog try to fetch, or seek, it.

🐾 Put their training to the test - If your dog has some tricks up its fluffy sleeve, then use this to help tire them out. Try getting them to sit, then lie down, back to sitting and repeat. This can help to work them physically, as well as keeping them mentally stimulated. You might want to incorporate treats to reward them, especially if they’re new to these kinds of tricks. 

Energised and entertained: Keeping it fun during the storm 

Bad weather is fun for no one. If you and your high energy dog breed are spending the day stuck indoors, it doesn’t have to be a day full of chaos.  

PupPod is one of the best toys for high energy dogs, offering both physical and mental exercise to enrich them and tire them out. Above are some ways to get the most out of PupPod to tire out a dog inside. If you don’t have a PupPod, there are some other methods to try, alternatively you can buy one, here.

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