Helping A Reactive Rescue Relax

Meet Ginny. She's a beautiful 7+ year old rescue whose breed is unknown. Ginny is a recovering reactive dog who loves agility, obedience, and trick training. She's bold and adventurous. 

Ginny has just started playing PupPod on Level 3 with a 10-second time interval between cue sounds. She has made the connection between the toy and dispenser, but hasn't quite figured out the criteria for earning rewards. She is experimenting with looking at the toy, getting close to the toy, staring at the dispenser, and finally nosing the toy. Her interactions with the toy are still imprecise, but she's learning and problem solving. (Turn up your volume to hear the toy sounds. The feeder is on mute in this video.)


Here she is again on the same level, but notice how much more precise she is getting. She still hasn't figured out the exact touch-on-cue timing, but she's starting to get the hang of it. (The PupPod Wobbler toy is making an R2D2 sound. The Pet Tutor is making a beep, beep sound.)



It can be tough for a reactive dog to gain confidence without going over threshold. But PupPod helps reactive dogs by allowing them to problem solve in safe, incrementally challenging ways.

PupPod is happy to have helped, Ginny, a reactive rescue improve!

Her human is Shannon and you can find her on Facebook and Instagram.


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