Help a worthy dog rescue get a FREE PupPod?

The team at PupPod wants to help special dogs find their forever home. As part of our Kickstarter campaign, we plan donate several PupPod systems to worthy rescue shelters. If you are affiliated with a rescue shelter...please apply.

The donation will include:
  • A PupPod Hub with video camera
  • At least one PupPod toy (and maybe a backup)
  • A high quality treat dispenser
  • A custom page in the PupPod mobile app and on the web that lets everyone in the world see your amazing dogs in action. There will be a mechanism for humans to request adoption appointments with specific dogs they watch playing PupPod.
  • Free tech support from PupPod to make sure everything is working properly
  • Free PR PupPod tells this heart warming story
In return, we need interested shelters to sign-up to the following responsibilities:
  • Designate a PupPod coordinator who has passion and time to support this collaboration
  • Supply all treats
  • Designate a room where the PupPod will be installed
  • Permanently install the PupPod hub
  • Securely store the dispenser and toy so they don't walk off
  • Supply Internet access via WiFi for streaming video and data to the PupPod backend
  • Marketing and PR support on the shelter's website, social media channels (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), email distribution to shelter supporters, and press interviews
  • Shelter will be listed as a PupPod Supporter
  • Daily use of PupPod to generate lots of content and traction with users. If daily use is not possible, let's discuss.
Interested shelters should email with contact details for the shelter's PupPod coordinator and pictures of the proposed room for setting up the PupPod.

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