Blind Dogs Need Smart Toys Too

Meet Tully Mars & Jimmy

We wanted to share this heartwarming story with you. It's customers like Tully Mars & Jimmy that motivate the PupPod team to make smart toys for smart dogs. Stay tuned to see updates on these special pups. PupPod is the smart puzzle toy that gets harder as your dog gets smarter.

My dogs, Tully Mars & Jimmy, are 6 year old Australian Shepherds who are both blind. After I emailing PupPod to ask if this would be a good fit for blind dogs, I decided to order one. I had it within days. The packaging was great with some extra surprises inside! I found the set-up to be pretty easy.

Tully had it figured out during the first session and is a maniac with it! He loves it! Jimmy is moving a little slower, but that is common for Jimmy. He tends to be a little apprehensive at first, then jumps in once he's comfortable. Erick has been offering suggestions on helping ease Jimmy into playing with the PupPod.

Aussies are very smart, active dogs. Being blind does not change that. Finding mental stimulation can be a challenge for non-sighted dogs. This toy is fantastic! I can see we will get a lot of time with it.

This company truly cares. It is so nice that they have included working with special needs animals too. The customer service has been top notch.

I highly recommend PupPod for your pooch! Tully Mars & Jimmy thank you for their PupPod!

- Laura P.

Watch videos of Tully Mars and Jimmy.

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