Become a PupPod Influencer

We're looking to work with influencers who are passionate about PupPod. Passion and hustle are much more important that audience size.

We're looking for creators who want to produce a series of videos showing how their dog learns and progresses through the PupPod game. Videos should be authentic and creative. Our expectation is that videos will be entertaining and educational, but not feel like an advertisement. You have wide discretion in deciding how to entertain your audience.  

We're not looking for box opening videos, videos with music only or pictures of your dog posing next to the product. Those posts won't explain how the game works or why your dog loves the product. PupPod isn't your typical dog product, like a leash or collar. Your audience has probably never heard of PupPod, so you will need to explain what's going on with entertaining banter, subtitles, or both.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The feeder requires dry food, ideally about 10mm wide +/- 2mm with a uniform shape. (Wet food won't work.)
  • To start, compensation will be through the PupPod affiliate program, which pays $20/PupPod sold through your affiliate link. If an affiliate is hustling and generating amazing content, we will go deeper on compensation.
  • International influencers will need to pay for shipping and any customs fees.
  • If you're not posting at least one video every two weeks, you may be asked to return the hardware.

If this opportunity sounds like a good fit for you and your dog(s), please apply.

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