A Smart Dog Toy That Beats Boredom

We frequently hear from dog trainers and pet parents that their dogs figure out most plastic puzzle toys in a few minutes and become bored. My mini Aussie, Ollie, is very food motivated and smart as a whip. I love playing with him, but sometimes daddy needs to work and as a young pup, he finds ways to entertain himself that aren't always desirable. He started playing PupPod for his meals at about 15-weeks old. I put his normal kibble in the Pet Tutor dispenser and in one example, he spent 1.5 hours playing PupPod to earn 1.5 cups of kibble, walked approximately a mile (as reported by his FitBark activity monitor), and then slept for 1.5 hours. The mental activity of playing PupPod wore him out. Ollie has been playing PupPod for about 3-months now and because the game has the ability to keep increasing in difficultly, he's still just as engaged as he was in the beginning. It gives me great joy to know he has a positive outlet that's fun and engaging. I'm able to get my work done so we have time to play together. Hopefully this post helps you decide if PupPod might be a great fit for your dog. Please share your comments and questions below. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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