A Fun Activity For An Active Puppy

According to Roy Stein, his 6-month-old Goldendoodle puppy, Mishmish, is the most spoiled, loved, and pampered dog in the world. However, anyone who has had a young puppy in their home knows how much activity and attention they need daily. This is especially true in a place like Roy’s home town of Boston, where the winters can be long, cold and icy. Because Roy, who is a co-founder of another pet technology company called Babel Bark, knew it was going to be difficult to give an active dog like Mishmish the exercise she needs, he turned to PupPod. Currently, Mishmish is at Level 2 on her PupPod. At this level, she needs to touch the toy in order to get a reward from the Pet Tutor, an automatic treat dispenser. Not only is Mishmish using her brain, Roy has discovered an easy way to give Mishmish physical exercise. He simply sets the PupPod up in his office and places the Pet Tutor about 100 feet away. Because she has to run back and forth between the two to get her treats, she’s covering over 200 feet each time! It only takes 40 or so trips over the course of 20-30 minutes to tucker her out. Roy finds that the best time to play is in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon. This ensures he has enough time to get his work done, while meeting Mishmish’s exercise needs and keeping his young, active puppy happy. Given his profession, it’s not surprising that he’s also passionate about the use of technology to enrich the lives of pets everywhere. and he’s excited that like PupPod adds so much to the way pet parents everywhere can care for, exercise and enrich the lives of our pets.

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