A “Crash” Course in PupPod

A "Crash" Course in PupPod


How do you keep an 11-month-old, highly intelligent German Shepherd Dog/Labrador/Border Collie mix entertained, engaged, and out of trouble? Introduce him to PupPod, of course!

Crash’s dad, Coray, recently shared with us how he uses PupPod to exercise his puppy’s brain as well as his body, even while he’s busy doing other things.




Crash loves his PupPod toy! He has a high working drive and is very food motivated. It only took about 10 minutes for Crash to get the hang of it and his treats have been flying since!

We have had the PupPod for about two weeks now and we use it almost every night during what I would call his “witching hour” between 5 and 6:30 p.m. after his evening walk and before his dinner. This is the time he looks for the most trouble. PupPod keeps him occupied and I am able to feed him most of his dinner through the toy while I am cooking or eating dinner myself. It helps him stay occupied and out of the kitchen or away from the table beggin’ for chicken.

I have noticed Crash moves around quite a bit during the game, going back and forth between the toy and the feeder over and over again. This is a great toy for those dogs who may not get enough activity during the day, are on a bit of a diet, or those who simply eat a little too fast. 

Crash mastered Level 1 in a few short days and calmly plays with it for about 30 to 40 minutes every night. In that time, he’s either finished all of his dry food by successfully beating the game or he is a bit mentally tired and finds his bed for a quick snooze mid-evening.

PupPod is great for Crash and I believe it could be very helpful for other high-energy dogs looking for more mental stimulation.

Thank you for sharing Crash’s story, Coray! We’re glad he’s part of the PupPod Pack!

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