The Smart Dog Toy for Smart Pups

PupPod is fun, interactive "smart" dog toy.

The game gets harder as your dog gets smarter! Control the game difficulty from your smartphone. For the ultimate meal feeder, combine the PupPod Wobbler and Pet Tutor dispenser.

Play (Virtual) PupPod Online!

Learn how PupPod works and earn a prize. We are all about positive reinforcement!


Hint - Drag the dog when the game starts.

Two Ways to Get the Game

PupPod Wobbler w/o Feeder

The smartphone-connected puzzle game that gets harder as your dog gets...

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PupPod Wobbler w/ Pet Tutor Smart Dog Toys PupPod

PupPod Wobbler w/ Pet Tutor

The smartphone-connected puzzle game that gets harder as your dog gets...

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Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA
Co-Owner & Dog Trainer, The Dog Gurus

“Pairing the PupPod and Pet Tutor allows you to provide an engaging and interactive game for your dog to prevent boredom.  It’s a great rainy day exercise when you can’t get your dog out of the house.”


Vanessa Melrose, KPA CTP, ABCDT, APDT
Owner, Think Pawsitive – Pet Training

“I think it’s great for both mental and physical stimulation providing a good amount of exercise and a great amount of thinking. I have largely transitioned to feeding my pets their meals through the PupPod game.”


Dr. Wailani Sung, DV, PhD, DVM, DACVB
Veterinary Behaviorist & Owner, All Creatures Behavior Counseling

“I think PupPod is not just a toy, but a tool to help keep our dogs mentally active and physically fit.”


Diana Simonsen
Owner, Diana Simonsen Dog Training

“For senior dogs, something like PupPod would be incredibly helpful where they’re not as active, but are still mentally very, very aware.”


Danette Johnston, CPDT-KA
Owner, Dog’s Day Out

“I like that they figure it out on their own. It’s wonderful to get some mental stuff going on. There’s tons of new research about how important it is to get their brains going. And it’s easy to do.”


Joey Iversen, CBATI, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP, UW-AAB, TAGteach Faculty

“I recommend mental stimulation type activities with every client that I’ve worked with over the last 18 plus years.”


Julie Forbes
Owner, Sensitive Dog & Host, The Dog Show with Julie Forbes

“One of the best ways to avoid common behavior challenges is to engage a dog’s brain.”


Susan Oshie, CPDT-KA
Owner, Paws4Training

"I think it's a great interactive toy and the fact that its got numerous levels gives us the opportunity to make it a little bit harder if the dogs get bored."


Ken McCort
Owner, Four Paws Training

"PupPod can engage your dog’s brain throughout the day while you are at work."


Use Your Smartphone To Control The Game.

The PupPod mobile app allows you to set the criteria for earning rewards. As your dog learns over time, increase the game level and make micro adjustments using the “Time Interval” feature. Once your dog starts anticipating the timing of sounds or lights, use the “Mystery Time” setting to randomize the timing and keep your pup on their toes…’er their paws.

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